Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rain, rain, go away,

My Aunt Cleo taught me that rhyme for whenever it would rain.  I always wanted to play outside. Probably because I didn't have an Xbox, but whatever.  Today was definitely a "Rain, rain, go away" day. 

Peter leaves tomorrow night to go back offshore, so today, being Mardi Gras and everything in our neck of the woods being closed, we were going to go on a family trail ride.  We were even going to make Pierson go, horror of all horrors. And guess where we were going?  Yes, you guessed it, to the Homochitto.  I don't learn from my mistakes. I like to keep repeating them and insisting on a different outcome.  And I haven't even bought a GPS yet.  But I do have the deputy's card with his cell phone number that rescued us from certain death last time. Besides, I'm sure I would have found my way back. Eventually.

Anyway, I woke up and it was dark as pitch in my room.  I looked out and the sky looked pretty ominous.  Checked weather....it called for up to two inches of rain an HOUR for most of the afternoon and probably tornadoes too.  Well, pfffttt.  I pouted, watched some "Say Yes to the Dress, Big Bride Edition" and went back to bed for a few hours.

It rained. It blew. It thundered enough to shake the house.  It lightninged (lightned?).  The electricity went out for a bit, and just when I wanted to play my game on the computer.  That just added insult to injury.  We played cards, told ghost stories, did some Mad Libs, died of boredom, and ate dinner.

I wanted to go on a trail ride!  Now it'll be to muddy to go for at least a week!  It's. Not. Fair.

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