Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nocturnal Musings

You know what stinks? Being a nocturnal writer. I wake up at the oddest hours with the craziest ideas to write about, and I can't go back to sleep until I write about them.  It's not enough to just write about them like a normal person.  No no  no no, that would make me, well, normal.  No, my subconscious demands I also publish the stupid stuff as well. This can be bad in the morning when I realize that sometimes I don't remember a darn thing I wrote, my ideas are off the wall, and my spelling and grammar are viciously bad. And this from the grammar Nazi, as my children call me - with the exception of my Southernisms.  I keep those with pride.  They are intentional, and they are a part of American culture. I don't care WHAT that Julie Townsend says.

So, what was I saying? I should go back to bed before I'm committed?  Sounds boring.


  1. I need a laptop in the shower because that's when I have all my ideas. Then, when I FINALLY get here in front of the computer I have no idea what I was gonna say.