Monday, March 21, 2011

Pre Trail Ride Post

We're going on a trail ride!  Just my girls and me.  Stink (Pierson, remember?) said he'd rather stay home and do homework than go on a trail ride with me. I just don't get it.  Anyway, this is a post that could theoretically be my last, seeings how last time we went the horse fell and I went with her, and now it's gator season and I could get eaten.  If I get eaten, I'll miss you all.  Or maybe, it'll just be a little gator, and I'll bring it home and eat it.  So, anyhoo, we're going to the new state park to ride for a bit.  We would love to head to the forest, but it takes 2 hours and over a tank of gas to get there, so we'll hold off on that. Mebbe next week or thereabouts for that.

For those of you that have snow today (yes, I'm talking to my former neighbors in Mass), I just thought I would let you know we thought of holding off on this ride because it's pushing 90 degrees and we were worried about heatstroke.  But since we'll be in the woods, it shouldn't be too bad.  We'll try to be strong and courageous and muddle our way through, and we'll think of you as you shovel your driveways for the gajillionth time this winter. Oh, I'm sorry, was that mean? My bad.

So then, after the ride, assuming I'm not dead, we're going to line our saddles up on the front porch railing and soap them half to death, then pour leather oil over them.  We aren't talking stingy oil, now, but gallons of it, maybe barrels.  We'll have such slick saddles we'll slide right off the next time our horses even move.  So they may not serve their purpose of keeping us on the horse, but they'll be supple and shiny.

More later, if we live.

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