Monday, June 4, 2012

White Tile Floors

September 2011 - "Look at those gorgeous floors!  And they'll be so easy to clean because I can see the dirt and clean it up right away."

Novermber 2011 - "The dark red walls go so well in here.  I couldn't have done that without these gorgeous floors."  I sigh in rapture.

December 2011 - "Getting a real tree may have been a mistake."

December 26th - "Burn the flipping tree."

February 2012 - "Wipe your feet unless you plan on tracking in white dirt!"

May 2012 - "The next person that steps on a blueberry just to watch in splatter... pain....Lots of pain."

Today - I've locked the kids outside until they're completely dry AND wipe all the sand off their little tootsies.  They need to come up with alternatives to getting to their rooms that don't involve walking on my white floors.

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