Monday, April 30, 2012

Text Wars

This morning Peter and I had to get up at the butt crack of dawn and take Scotlyn to Covington so she could meet with her friends for her week in Baton Rouge.  While down there, Peter and I had breakfast and ran a few errands.  Pierson doesn't like it when he doesn't know our every move, and thus started The Interrogation.

Pierson:  Where art thou?
Me: We took Scot to Teenpact.
P:  I know.  What's taking so long?  Did you take the laptop?
Me:  No.  We're running errands.
P: Kay

Five minutes elapse.

Pierson:  I like white chocolate.
Me: I like Volvos.
P: swn
Me: ???
P:  That means "Say what now?" I'm a fast texter, ain't I?
Me: Ok.  "What now!"
P:  swn
Me:  I already did but here you go again... "What now!"
P: say swn
Me: "say what now!"
P: sigh.  When you get here?
Me:  That sentence does not have a verb; therefore it is not a complete sentence.  Try again.
P:  "Say" is a verb.  Say swn.
Me. "When you get here" does not have a verb.
P: what about "get"?
Me: Needs a helping verb.  Extra grammar lessons for you today.
P: When are you going to get here?
Me:  Much better!  A-
P: -?
Me: I had to remind you.  Several times.  You don't get a perfect score gor that.
P: gor?
Me: For!  The keys are tiny.  Use your imagination!
P: Someone needs to work on their spelling.
Me: I can spell grounded.
P: No thank you.  B-

A few minutes go buy...

Me: Dead meat
P:  Sore loser

As we're pulling in the driveway...

P: please just tell me when you're getting home.
Me: ok.
Me:  Hi! *waving*

He looked out the front door, shut it, and locked it.

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