Thursday, August 28, 2014

Blitz Update

As many of you know, my sweet boy Blitz has multiple health problems and I am planning on having him put down...someday. Someday soon, actually. I'm prepared now, and almost want to do it just to get it over with, but my boy has rallied and even though he looks like a non-survivor of a concentration camp, he seems to be feeling pretty fancy.

I've heard about this supplement that can cure anything that ails anyone or anything.  I don't want to to say what it is, because just as many people believe that it causes the stuff that ails anyone or anything. I'm not in the mood for a debate and I sure don't want anyone telling me what a horrible person I am for taking risks with my horse's health. The way I look at it is this - my horse is dying. Slowing and painfully. This supplement may kill him and it may heal him. It's worth the risk.

Here's the other way I look at this - not your business.

On with my story...

Mike and I have decided to make a last ditch effort to save Blitz. We're overdosing him on said supplement that may kill him. Blitz does not like this, especially since we're giving him shots. Today was day three of said shots and he was having none of it. For such a little guy, he can put up quite a fight. Mike finally says to "try this" and the result is Blitz rearing straight up and looming over me.  He's impressively tall in that stance.  I jumped backwards - just a reflex, as I'm actually quite brave - and fell over the lawnmower.

"Huh," Mike says. "That didn't work."

I married a genius.

I figure if Blitz is looking better in a week, we have a winner. If he's not, at least we tried. I have a taste of having my heart back. If only I could have just one more time of riding him at full blast through the trails...well, I've got to be honest. It still wouldn't be enough. There's no other horse like him.

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