Friday, November 4, 2011

Sugar Rodeo

As most of you know, we moved this week, and we're now in our new home.  We don't have a stove, microwave, or heat, but we're in, and that makes us happy.

Last night, Sugar joined us on our second night here. We made the decision about five years ago that if we ever moved, Sugar would become an outside dog.  She rolls in mud and then comes in our house and lays on our couch.  We love her dearly, but we love our new living room set more.  So sue us.  This house is beautiful and we want to keep it that way. 

Last night, due to an abundance of french doors along the back patio and a lack of curtains, we were treated to beseeching eyes begging to be let in and an adorable pink tongue that would be better suited to a fluffy puppy than our 80 pound half black lab/half pony.  Feeling guilty, but sticking to our guns, we moved "her" couch to the sunroom, which was surprisingly warm, so she wouldn't freeze to death under her piles of blubber. Then we gave her a blanket, tucked her in, and called it good. 

She didn't.

We woke up to accusing eyes at the bedroom french doors.  I'm wondering if we're going to be trapped in the house by Cujo now. She looks affronted.

Ainsley let the other dogs out to do their business, and that's when the rodeo began.  I heard a shriek by the front door and looked to see Ains hanging on to Sugar by the neck, clinging like a tick to her back.  Sugar zigged and Ainsley listed to the side, sliding under her.  I dodged couches and jumped over boxes to get to them before Sugar could become free and dirtify my beautiful new home with her presence. 

"I've been injured!"  Ainsley shrieked when Sugar trampled over her on her bolt to freedom.  She'd fought the good fight, and now it was my turn to take over.

I caught Sugar as she galloped through the kitchen - no furniture there, just sharp knives - and tried to tackle her.  She tried her zig zag routine with me, but HA! I'm not a 50 pound ankle biter.  I won.  She was push/pull/dragged out the back door, where we faced each other through the glass and she gave me her best hairy eyeball look and I stuck my tongue out at her.

Human trumps dog.

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